- Fido Green Box

Practical system suitable for multiple solutions, the FIDO GREEN BOX line, consisting of versatile and robust panels, is a valuable modular system used to make animal enclosures, safety of aboveground tanks and protection of ecological islands and/or waste containers municipal solid.


- For shelter animals fence
- Fence above ground tanks
- Fence to ecological islands protection and / or municipal solid waste bins  
PANELS rigid panels made up of electrically welded steel bars galvanized and coated with polyester (minimum thickness 80 microns), with double horizontal reinforcement rods.  
POLE Tubular with a round section diameter 40 mm sp.1,5 mm, with welded plate provided with holes 4 to allow the fixing on the bearing surface.  
DOOR PANEL Door entrance fence made of welded mesh, frame tube diameter 40 mm thick. 1.5 mm with bolt and padlock the door.  
INSTALLATION The installation of the fence is extremely easy and fast due to the simplicity and flexibility of individual components, it is sufficient to apply the collar on the panels as illustrated assembly diagram, place the opening (door panel) on the side chosen, finally close tightly the part top of the upright with the cap specially made. And 'possible to prepare the fence for a possible coverage through the grafts made specifically allowing an inclination for rainwater drain on the desired side. There are two types of mounting: - Floor to wall - Floor to tessellate    
- PVC collar   
- Steel bolts with hexagon nut autotranciante   
- Plastic cap for floor   
- Invitation for coverage              
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Fido Green Box