Padel Court

A sporting discipline related to playing with rackets. The PADEL game is a discipline recognised by the FIT (Italian Tennis Federation). The structure designed by Officine D’Amico for the Basic and Panoramic versions is sized to create an enclosure with a 10×20 metre playing area as required by the rules of the game; all guaranteed by the quality of the materials and workmanship MADE IN ITALY.

The structure

The structure designed and supplied by officine d’amico is characterised by the simplicity of assembly, the strength and stability of the structure, the quality of the materials and the careful finishes that make the aesthetics an added value to the final product.

The metal structure is made of vertical bearing profiles in 3 mm thick tubular sections, self-supporting frames made of tubular sections, angular sections and panels in electrowelded mesh having a 50×50 wire mesh 4+4 mm; the whole structure is made of galvanised material followed by thermosetting powder painting with polyester resins (minimum thickness 80 microns).

The structure is sized to create an enclosure with a playing area of 10 x 20 metres (according to the dimensions of the regulations), and is advantageous from an economic point of view, allowing assembly in a short time; everything is guaranteed by the quality of the materials and workmanship made in Italy.

The walls

On each of the back sides of the playing area, a u-shaped wall is raised, created by a back gable and two side half-walls.
these walls can be made of crystal glass (tempered glass 10/12 mm thick – according to uni-en 12150 standards) or of other material offering the necessary consistency for the ball to bounce against them in a regular and uniform manner.
This surface is fixed to the metal structure by means of slotted flanges and galvanised steel screws.


On request, it is possible to supply the tennis net (h= 920 mm, 45×45 knotless mesh, wire thickness 3 mm, black colour and white upper strip), poles complete with winch and lighting with floodlights with LED technology or halogen lamp.

Standard colours

RAL colours can be produced on request,
with many possibilities of customisation, including two-tone.


Our structures ensure high playing performance thanks to the use of certified materials that comply with all F.I.T. (Italian Tennis Federation) and F.I.P. (Federacion Internacional de Padel) regulations in terms of dimensions and structural characteristics.

In addition, the structures are certified by a structural engineer in accordance with NTC 2008 and subsequent regulations.

We use EC-compliant tempered glass.

Using various quality processes, we are able to offer a powder-coated product with salt spray resistance in accordance with ISO 9227 tested to withstand more than 500 hours.

We desing products for your safety: at home, at work and for your leisure time
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