OFFICINE D’AMICO srl dates back to 1966 when it was founded as a family run workshop.
D’amico Francesco, the founder, held the reins family business for 30 years alongside the wife, manufacturing traditional type of products and works.
The entry of the sons reinforced the team and led to converting the family run workshop, into an industrial business.
Thanks to a common vision, the D’Amicos set off into a restyling and innovation process involving human resources, technology and communication.

For over a decade, OFFICINE D’AMICO srl garnered prestigious clients hence increasing production and business volumes, equipment and personnel. OFFICINE D’AMICO srl increasingly staked on innovative machinery, thus winning considerable commissions.

Special attention and care to the customer are the key elements behind the company’s reputation within the national market stage. Our greater competitiveness lies in our capacity to meet specific requirements and satisfy various needs through customised products. OFFICINE D’AMICO srl production system suitably combines technological innovation and human experience, hence attaining high product quality values. Today, such values have been further enhanced by last generation machines.
OFFICINE D’AMICO srl  produce and sell standard/customised nets and meshes, fixed fencings made of painted and zinc-coated electro-welded nets, fencings made of zinc-coated grating or zinc-coated and painted, fences for sport facilities at norm UNI10121 - EN 13200-3, as well as temporary worksite fencings countrywide. Temporary worksite fencings are our “strong point” and “crowning achievement”. As a matter of fact our fencing model “Panel Mobil FD” protected by an industrial patent, both in the 2 poles version – three reinforcement folds – and in the 4 poles version – smooth grating -, fully complies with the regulations in force in question: 3. Legislative decree n° 494 dated 14/98/1996, - Legislative Decree n° 528 dated 19/11/1999, “Application of the 92/57/EEC directive on the implementation of minimum safety and health requirements at temporary or mobile construction sites. Amendments and integrations to Legislative Decree n° 494 dated 14 August 1996, providing for the application of the 92/57/EEC on the implementation of minimum safety and health requirements at temporary or mobile construction sites”; 4.Legislative Decree 626/94 regarding workers safety and health enhancement during work”. As a matter of fact, being welded inside the pole, the grating ensures the absence of dangerous projections in the connection between the pole and the metal grating and thus preventing possible injuries concerning the operators and/or anyone coming into contact with the fencing.

Our modern premises in Cisternino covering a 3500 sqm roofed surface, over 4000 sqm external area and a block housing offices and meeting rooms, canteen and dressing room, was conceived taking into account all the regulations in force, using suitable material capable of contributing to reduce any form of negative environmental impact, with a layout capable of improving the psycho-physical wellbeing of the workers thus guaranteeing maximum safety.
Officine D’Amico S.r.l. is environmental friendly and a staunch supporter of sustainable development. As a matter of fact:
-Our electrical energy comes from renewable sources (photovoltaic energy);
-Our quality and environmental management system fully complies with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standards.

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