Terms of sale

General terms and conditions of sale

These conditions of sale define the terms of sale between OFFICINE D’AMICO SRL and its customers.

The customer accepts all the clauses of the conditions of sale with the signature of the order, or of our offer or directly of the DDT that accompany the delivered goods.

Complaints must be made, under penalty of forfeiture, within two days of delivery of the goods.

The complaints do not exempt the customer from making the payment of invoices at the time established. – Once the deadline for payment has expired, interest will be charged. Interest for late payment will be charged at the official discount rate plus three points and invoiced without further notice.

Should the goods be delivered on behalf of the customer to companies for further processing steps, the time limit mentioned above shall start to run from the completion of the previous processing steps. The payments on account collected, if the above conditions are not met, shall be deemed to have been definitively acquired. Moreover, Officine D’Amico srl may request full payment of the transfer even if the client fails to collect the goods.

OFFICINE D’AMICO SRL reserves the right to modify these general conditions of sale at any time. Customers are invited to read these conditions before each purchase.

Reservation of title

OFFICINE D’AMICO SRL remains the owner of the goods sold until the full payment of the price, so in case of non-payment the same has the right to recover the delivered products directly on the construction sites. In case of insolvency, even partial, the contract will be considered terminated without the need of default OFFICINE D’AMICO SRL will have the right to collect the delivered products.


The terms and times of payment are agreed in advance between the parties. Payments are to be made without deductions or discounts at our domicile or at another location if agreed.

In case of late or non-payment within the agreed terms this document will be subject to the control of the company “INNOLVA” for the recovery of the credit.


We do not accept returns on material regularly provided and accepted. If agreed the goods must be delivered by the customer at our headquarters in OTTIMO STATO and must be made by the end of the month relating to the DDT to which they refer and deducted loading and unloading charges for at least 30% of the price.

The return will not be possible for products made to measure or on order (material not in stock) which must be collected. Any processing on standard material will be charged at the price shown on the invoice.

Merchandise contestations

The goods travel at the Customer’s risk. Complaints are not accepted except at the time of delivery if this is free of charge. For goods returned free departure any defects and / or defects in materials must be found during loading at the exit of our warehouses, we are not responsible for any other complaints.

We do not accept complaints about material already laid. OFFICINE D’AMICO SRL declines any responsibility for products used in a different way from their destination and when the installation is not carried out in a workmanlike manner. For a longer life of the product, in case of installation near the sea, it is recommended to wash the fence frequently with fresh water. In proximity of the fence, do not use abrasive products (insecticides, herbicides, solvents, etc.), because they could affect the natural conformation of the product.

The seller assumes no responsibility for the use and installation of its products. In case of accepted claim, the company’s liability will be limited to the receipt at the premises of the defective material and its replacement, excluding any other type of compensation and even less to the suspension of payment.

Terms of delivery

The delivery dates are not binding for the seller and may be subject to change due to force majeure and other causes beyond the seller’s control: delays due to suppliers, electrical energy shortages, illness or injury of personnel, etc.. For delays the client will not be able to claim any indemnity, nor will he be able to consider himself dissolved from the contractual commitment.

Shipments and deliveries

The metal ties and/or strapping are used to tighten the product and not for lifting or transport and are included in the price.

Transport and/or packaging costs, if indicated, are to be borne by the Customer.

The goods travel at the client’s risk.

The transport will take place in compliance with the current Highway Code, with particular reference to ARTT. 61-62-142-164-167-174.

In case of transport at the expense of Officine D’amico, the unloading of products must be carried out in locations accessible by truck. The costs of any stops exceeding the unloading time will be charged to the Customer.

If the transport is at the expense of the recipient OFFICINE D’AMICO SRL will never be liable for any damage, loss, shortage of material suffered after loading, during transport or during or during unloading, even if containers and/or packaging made available to the Seller are used.


PRIVACY PROTECTION IN ACCORDANCE WITH the new General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679):

We inform you that your data are used for administrative purposes and legal obligations.

By accepting the contract you give your specific consent to the processing of your personal data for the above purposes.

Jurisdiction and competence

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all disputes arising from the application, execution and interpretation of this contract shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the Court of Brindisi.

Instructions for the maintenance of the material provided:

Below are the rules to ensure long life of the fences:

– know the chemical/physical characteristics of the material;

– periodically perform the normal cleaning operations with non-aggressive products;

– schedule maintenance.

– The optimal cleaning consists in cleaning with any product to wash delicate surfaces;

use a neutral, non-abrasive cleaning product (e.g. use polish of the type used for car bodies).

– The frequency of cleaning is closely related to the aggressiveness of the atmosphere of the place where the fence is installed.

– Industrial fumes, coal, etc.

– Substances containing chlorine (present in particular in areas up to 1,500 m from the sea, in compounds of industrial fumes, etc.).

Therefore, two cleaning sequences are recommended:

1 – every 3-6 months in areas with little industrial pollution or far from the sea;

2 – every 1-3 months in areas with high concentration of traffic and/or industrial pollution and/or near the sea.

Rev. 24/05/2018


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