Fido Green Box

Practical and suitable for a variety of solutions, the FIDO GREEN BOX line, consisting of versatile and robust panels, is a valuable modular system used for animal enclosures, securing above-ground tanks and protecting waste areas and/or containers for solid urban waste.


– animal enclosure
– fence for above-ground tanks
– enclosure for protecting waste collection islands and/or solid waste bins


Rigid electrowelded mesh panels made of galvanised steel rods, mesh size 55 x 200 mm – fold 100 mm

Optional: polyester coating (80 micron)

Door panel

Tubular round section, 40 mm diameter, 1.5 mm thick, with welded plate provided with 4 holes to allow fixing on the table top.


Fence assembly is extremely quick and easy thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of the individual components. All you need to do is apply the collar to the panels as shown in the assembly diagram, place the opening (door panel) on the chosen side, and finally hermetically seal the top of the post with the specially made plug. It is possible to prepare the enclosure for a possible cover by means of specially made plugs, allowing an inclination for rainwater drainage on the desired side.

Two types of fixing are possible
– embedded into wall / foundation,
– fixed to base-plates

Assembly accessories

– PVC collar
– steel bolts with self-locking hexagon nut
– plastic cap for post

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