Refisa 3000 and Refisa 3500 are complete fencing systems that guarantee quality and easy installation. These systems are ideal for fencing industrial and green areas, or for solar energy fields and parking areas.



– Solar energy plants
– Industrial zones
– Sports centres
– Parking areas
– Commercial sites
– Parks with facilities

This fencing system uses the remobil 2T panel with two uprights and three reinforcing creases. The panel, normally used for temporary work-site fencing, has been modifield for permanent installations: the mesh is fixed at the same level as the top of the upright. Part of the upright is embedded either into the top of a wall, or directly into foundations. The panels are connected by a galvanized double clamp to provide even greater stability and strength to the fence.


– Galvanized (prior to welding);
– Galvanized (prior to welding) with polyester coating (min. 80 micron thickness).


– galvanized double clamp;
– plastic cap.

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