☞ Mid-oscurant fencing

Design and refined design with characteristics suitable for those who need privacy and protection.

The Carmen panel is made of horizontal rectangular tubular elements of different sizes, giving creativity and originality to the fence.

Its versatility includes fencing, gate and parapets.

☞ Applications

  • Civil and industrial buildings
  • Commercial spaces
  • Public building
  • Residential construction

☞ Pannels

Modular panels consisting of horizontal rectangular tubular elements of various sizes, spaced out with a net span varying from 10 to 15 mm.
Horizontal edging in slotted angle to allow fixing to posts.

☞ Posts

Floor lamp to be walled in or to be anchored in a 60×8 mm plate.

☞ Laying

The assembly of the fence is extremely easy and fast thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of the individual components.

Two types of fixing are available:
– WALL MOUNTED POST: the installation is carried out by inserting the plant in the specially made excavation;
– DOWEL POST: this type involves a suitably sized plate welded to the post to allow it to be fixed to the impost plane by means of threaded rods.

☞ Protective treatments

UNI standard hot-dip galvanising; the pre-treatment phases (degreasing, phosphating and washing), the galvanising process and the quality of the materials used guarantee excellent resistance to corrosion.

Coating with polyurethane resins on previously hot-dip galvanised items (on request).

☞ Colours

Standard on request:

Ral 6005 (green)
Ral 5010 (gentian blu)
Ral 8017 (brown)
Ral 9010 (white)
Ral 7035 (light grey)
Ral 7016 (anthracite grey)
Ral 9005 (black)


☞ Accessories

Anti-theft stainless steel bolt M10

fastening system with stainless steel bolts with lock nut

☞ Gates

Can be combined with CE pedestrian and vehicle gates (available on request).

We desing products for your safety: at home, at work and for your leisure time
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