Murge – Murge Onda


☞ Electro-welded mesh fencing

Elegant and versatile

Murge panels are the perfect solution for fencing residential, commercial and public spaces. The new version of the Murge panel is beautified with a wave effect that gives the fence an originale and contemporary look.


☞ Gates

Can be combined with CE pedestrian and vehicle gates (available on request)

☞ Applications

  • Civil and industrial buildings
  • Commercial facilities
  • School buildings
  • Equiped green areas

☞ Panels

Rigid electrowelded mesh panels made of galvanised steel rods coated with polyester (minimum thickness 80 microns), with horizontal reinforcing folds.

Width: 2000 mm
Mesh size: 50 x 200 mm
Horizontal and vertical wire diameter: 5 mm (material available from stock)

☞ Posts

Murge posts

☞ Installation

The assembly of the fence is extremely easy and fast due to the simplicity and flexibility of the individual components.

Two types of fastening are available:
– WALL PLANT: the installation is carried out by inserting the plant in the excavation made for the purpose;
– BOLTING PLANT: this type involves a plate of suitable dimensions welded to the pole to allow fastening to the impost surface using dowels or threaded rods.

☞ Panel

wire 5+5 mm mesh 50 x 200 mm, fold 130 mm.

Murge size

☞ Colours

Standard from stock:

Ral 6005 (Green)

Standard on request:

Ral 5010 (Gentian blue)
Ral 8017 (Brown)
Ral 9010 (White)
Ral 7035 (Light grey)
Ral 7016 (Anthracite grey)
Ral 9005 (Black mat)

Murge panel
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