With its strong welded panels and paired horizontal reinforcing rods, the Vera 886 system is particularly suited for fencing large green spaces, parking areas, sports facilities and industrial structures.



– solar power farms
– sports facilities
– commercial areas
– educational buildings
– civil and industrial buildings
– parking areas
– parks with facilities


Stiff mesh welded panels formed of galvanized steel rods coated in polyester (min. 80 micron thickness) with paired horizontal reinforcement rods.


“Rapid” model (designed and manufactured by Officine D’Amico S.r.l.). See “Rapid upright”
“Universal 60” model. See “Universal upright”


Usable with pedestrian and vehicular gates manufactured to CE mark standards. See “gates”.


Assembly of the fance is easy and quick thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of the individual components. It is only necassary to attach the fixing collars to the panels as shown in the illustration, then seal the top of the upright with the PVC cap.

Two methods of installation are supported:
– embedded into wall / foundation,
– fixed to base-plates (contact our technical support office for details and design service)

Mounting plates

– black-painted aluminium base-plate (only for “Rapid” uprights). See “accessories”

– iron base-plate welded to the upright

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