Calcetto light

This fence system was designed specifically for the needs of Five-a-side football. A high level of safety for the players combined with the rigidity that prevents deformation due to ball impacts, make our product unique in its ease of installation and its longevity.


Impianti Sportivi (Calcio 5)


Stiff mesh welded panels formed of galvanized steel rods coated in polyester (min. 80 micron thickness) with paired horizontal reinforcement rods.

Two type of panel are used, from botton to top: 1st level:height up to 2000 mm, panel 886, mesh 110 x 200 mm; 2nd levels: height up to 4000 mm, with either 100 x 100 mm. or 130 x 130 mm. polyethylene nettinig;


Rectangular section tube (120 x 60 x 3 mm. Height 7000 mm.) with slots for attaching panels using stainless steel self-shearing bolts. These are separated by smaller panel sections with 60 x 60 x 1,5 mm. tubolar uprights of 2400 mm. height, positioned 2525 mm. apart.


Usable with pedestrian and vehicular gates manufactured to CE mark standards.


Assembly of the fence is easy and quick thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of the individual components. The first step is to embed the uprights into the foundation at the correct spacing (2525 mm.).Next, the mesh panels are attached.

Mounting plates

(contact our technical support office for design solutions).
Iron base-plate welded to the upringt.


(accessories for fence installation)

– Steel clips for fixing panels to the upringhts
– Steel bolts with self-shearing hex heads
– Plastic cap for upright


Stock: RAL 6005 (moss green).

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