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The “VERA SPORT” model fencing complies with the current regulations governing safety in sports facilities;
Standard UNI EN 10121-2 * and standard EN 13200-3 ** in compliance with the requirements of the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of 18 March 1996 (Standard for the safety, construction and operation of sports facilities).
* Sports facilities – Separation of Spaces – Separators for football stadiums – Characteristics and Tests
** The standard specifies the design requirements for the layout and product characteristics for separation elements within spectator installations in permanent or temporary entertainment venues including sports stadiums and sports halls.


Sports facilities (Football)


Rigid welded mesh panels made from galvanized steel rods and coated with polyester and coated with polyester (minimum thickness 80 microns), with double horizontal reinforcement rods.


Rectangular section tube 120 x 60 x 3 mm, equipped with threaded inserts to allow the fixing of the panels by means of stainless steel blind bolts, and holes to allow the fixing of the horizontal beams.

Horizontal runners

Square-section tube profile 60x60x1.5 mm L = 2463 mm, fitted with threaded inserts to allow panels to be secured by means of stainless steel shear bolts, and slotted lugs to allow mounting on vertical posts.


CE marked pedestrian and vehicular gates can be combined.


Assembly of the fence is extremely easy and fast thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of the individual components. In a first phase, the posts are assembled in the foundation structures prepared at the 2525 mm centre distance; then the stringers are assembled in order to create “frames”, the panels are applied by means of clips and the bolts are inserted, finally, the assembly is completed by shearing the heads of the bolts to avoid monomission.

Mounting plates

(solution to be designed with the technical office).
Iron fixing plate welded to the upright.


Standard stock RAL 6005 (moss green).


(accessories for fence installation)

– Steel clips for fixing panels to the upringts and runners
– Steel bolts with self-shearing hex heads
– M8 x 80 steel bolts with self-shearing nuts

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