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☞ Recinzione a norma UNI EN 13200-3 (EX UNI 10121)



The “VERA SPORT” model gates comply with the standards that dictate the rules on safety in sports facilities – UNI EN 13200-3* standard (formerly UNI 10121 withdrawn) and are correlated with CE marking** guaranteeing full compliance with the regulations in force.

*The standard specifies the design requirements for the layout and product characteristics for separation elements within spectator installations in permanent or temporary entertainment venues including sports stadiums and sports halls.

**The harmonized standard UNI EN 13241-12003+A12001 specifies the performance and safety requirements for doors, gates and barriers intended for installation in areas frequented by pedestrians and for which the main intended use is the safe access of goods and vehicles accompanied or driven by people to industrial, commercial or residential areas.

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☞ Installation

Two types of column fixing are available:

  • WALL COLUMNS: the columns are installed by inserting them into the excavation made for the purpose;
  • BOLTING COLUMNS: this type involves a suitably sized plate welded to the columns to allow them to be fixed to the impost surface using dowels or threaded rods.

☞ Applications

  • Sport facilities (Football)

☞ Features

The features of our gates are simplicity and practicality; features that ensure high safety, resistance and a pleasant visual impact.

consisting of vertical and horizontal tubular profiles with rectangular or square cross-section of adequate size according to the size of the gate.

tubular profiles sized according to the capacity and size of the gate/s.

rigid panels in electro-welded mesh made of galvanized steel rods coated with polyester (minimum thickness 80 microns), with double horizontal reinforcing rods.

☞ Protecting treatments

Coatings with polyurethane resins electrostatically deposited on galvanized product.

☞ Accessories

All the gates supplied with accessories for correct assembly and use, in full compliance with current regulations, and come with an instruction and maintenance manual and identification label.

cancelli vera sport - Officine d'Amico
cancello Vera Sport Officine d Amico
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